Recent Study Pave Ways For iPad Development In Education

18/06/2013 12:23

Generally iPad application development companies create iPad apps either for general purposes and mostly for kids or create apps that used as mere reader or notebook to read and takes notes in the class. Very few iPad programming companies do sincere efforts to make highly useful app for the high school or college going students whose needs are vast and varied.


Recently NAACE has published a report on the use of iPad app development in the study of students at Longfield Academy where a large scale iPad apps were implements to enhance the study, learning experiences and involve students more in various subjects studies. Thus naturally they have selected a reputed iPad apps development company and prepare iPad apps according to their bespoken needs.


They have prepared iPad apps which are giving services for entire academic year and their apps were falling in different categories according the needs of the relevant subject. During the academic year they have taken interviews of students, teachers and administrative staffs several times so they can judge the progress and impacts of the usage of iPad apps throughout the year.Ipad development


They have noted that iPad apps which are giving good experiences with careful iPad development were attracting teachers as well as student greatly and their responses were overwhelming. Teachers have seen these apps as the useful tools to reduce their workload as well as extremely effective ways to depict many

complicated stuff in simple ways. Thus they can enhance the comprehensiveness of the students.


To do such things iPad development team has to spend lots of time with teachers as well as students to devise effective ways and tools to make their lives easy. They have taken special care for teachers to give them maximum tools to create learning stuff rapidly yet of high quality and simultaneously made presentations funny and engaging for the students.


In their survey they have found that 70% or more teachers have found iPad apps extremely useful and used them extensively in their teaching. Students applaud the efforts of iPad apps programming team by showing great interests in the use of iPad applications in their study. Finally, administrative staff have made remarks that students and teachers both are taking more interests in their activities.


Some of the students have suggested that iPad development company should create more apps for them apart from the formal education subjects and they demanded some exclusive iPad apps for learning photography, animations, learning games, taking their tests and much more.

Conclusion :-

In App store we find very few education apps that helps upper grade students so we need to go for custom iPad application development and in due course a company had experimented on the school and run a survey to see the response of its iPad development.