Need To Change Development Strategies For iPad Mini App Development

27/08/2013 10:30



Due to change in size and volume of tablet, iPad Mini is gaining popularity among the masses and that forces iPad application developers to change their iPad Mini app programming accordingly. We lost the big size, but gain more mobility with iPad Mini and changes in the use cases where we stay in between the big iPad and tiny iPhone.




For iOS application development, we have committed innumerable mistakes since the beginning. When iPad was released we, most of iOS developers have thought that we need just scaling everything to 2X. Unfort unately, this myth  was bunked after the success of some highly iPad specific apps in the App store, which were built altogether different ways and approaches than iPhone app designing.


Some other significant alterations we have taken during iPad application development were size, resolutions, orientations, hardware capacities and uniqueness as well as use cases in particular, because iPhone is a smartphone and used on the go while iPad is a tablet and need some time and space to operate it.


With iPad Mini we are going to committing same mistakes and considering only sizing the images and layouts for iPad Mini than of iPad 2 or 3 or 4 to say. If your inclination towards the iPad development with responsive designing than you may have lesser pains in further coding for iPad Mini app programming because here most of factors are similar for iPad 4 to iPad Mini, except size and capacities of the devices.


With the change of size, the use-cases are being changing entirely because with big iPad you have freedom to use your both hands, putting iPad device on the stand or on the solid surface like table in home or office. You can play many games with two hands and fingers. You can operate an iPad application with both hand gestures. Great, but you can run on the course of catching trains or buses so far with holding you big iPad.

With iPad Mini, you have leeway to enjoy gaming, business management or operating any other utility applications on the go. I won’t say you can enjoy everything that you can do with iPhone but somewhat more than that of big iPad 2 or iPad 4. Now, you have to operate iPad Mini with a single have gestures rather than both hands because you need to hold mini device with one hand rather than putting it on some surface.


Thus, all the rules of iPad Mini application programming is changing with the changes in the operating gestures. Moreover, freedom of movement brings many other opportunities like greater chances of GPS based applications as well as other location sensitive apps. This freedom also change the choice of the games like before people were select only long and demanding games to play on the iPad, but now they have ample room to play short period and light games during waiting or while on the go situations.


Finally, unlike iPhone were portrait mode is default, with iPad mini we would have landscape mode will default so we need to change our entire iPad app designing strategies accordingly.