iPad Web App Development—Challenges from New Features

05/11/2012 16:36

iPad was considered as a fad by many at the beginning, but its selling has broken such assumptions and gradually it becomes an alternative for desktop computing. Its hardware capacities, iOS features and functionalities evolve with each version. The latest version New iPad with iOS6 have proved forged its all competitors. Luckily HTML5 comes into picture at the same time and offers great opportunities for iPad Web App Development since it made possible to reach at the all hardware and software features of iPhone 5.

But at the same time, web app developers facing difficulties to fit with new features of iPad 3. Retina display is become a new challenge for them as it spreads throughout all mobile devices. High resolution devices were working best on optimized images so image optimization becomes compulsory for iPad web app development and in many cases this is not possible since web apps running on browsers and directly interact with web where various image formats are in use. Alternatively, we can create responsive image format, but it is talk of future. At present moment we can use either CSS3 media queries to correct the size of double-size images or use JavaScript to present correct image. Another best solution is that create images in vector formats as they support any resolution.

Another thing is its orientation that works in landscape as well as portrait mode so you have to device your iPad web app development such a way that it can fits with any mode. Finally, bandwidth is an issue for web apps since they run with internet connection and iPad is a handheld device depends on Wi-Fi. However, new 4G technologies eliminate this issue at some extent.