iPad Software Programming—Some Useful Code Editors On the Fly Part 1

19/12/2012 16:41

When you are on the road or on the sky and you need to do some coding for your iPad Software Programming project with help of iPad itself or with laptop here are some useful code editors which really can help you in  iPad software programming tasks especially for web app development as it let you do coding with prevalent programming languages. So let's take a brief overview of such useful tools.

Code To Go

This editor will allows you for iOS 3 or later version coding for your iPad software programming on the fly. Its main features are:

This tool allows you to write, save and load code locally as well as in DropBox when you are connected with internet. This tool supports wide range of languages nearly 50 languages including C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, etc. If you eager to show the results of your coding you can run the code and use Ideone.com to see the results. If you want to add your coding doing on the fly in your existing project in your computer you can upload files directly to your computer using the app syncing page in iTunes. If you want to add an additional raw of commonly used keys to the default keyboard you can do it with touching the setting button at the top right of the initial language screen and can customize it.

Code Monkey

Same the way it is also compatible with iOS3 or later versions. This tool is not a full UML editor but it can work at satisfactory level in a programmers notebook paradigm including class diagram support, a RPN capable calculator, extension cheat sheet and a design pattern reference. This tool supports multiple class diagrams, classes, derivatives, dependency and realization relationships between them. Moreover classes and relationships have names, descriptions and stereotypes.