iPad App—A Toy for Toddler

21/02/2013 10:09

When you type the word “toddler” in the search field of the App store you might have a list of hundreds  of iPad apps designed specially for toddlers and you also will notice that many have good downloading rate. This is due to the thinking of parents that iPad can act as good toy for kids ages 3 to 7 and most of the parents want to use iPad app for educational purposes thus iPad is a valuable learning device in the eyes of the parents. Although some experts warn the parents to not be much dependable on iPad and avoid over exposure as that harms toddler physically as well as mentally as toddlers become addictive for iPad.


Mainly toddlers are learning through repetition and interactions in real world so we can give these things in the iPad app to enhance their learning experiences through effective, cloying and intuitive UIs. Since iPad is fit size device for toddlers as it is bigger than iPhone and smaller than laptop and even have touch interface that is only means that toddlers can interact with the device easily not through mouse or keypad. On touch screen toddlers can develop their fine motor skills through using  different gestures mostly tap and drag.


We can devise some useful iPad apps which give entertainment as well as some sort of education to the toddler in easy and funny ways. If you devise such apps logically and intelligently most of the parents will like to handover them to their toddlers so they can get a head start on learning during this one of the most important stage of their development.