Design for The People in iPad App Development

10/05/2013 15:18

Generally when we have an app idea for an iPad app development we think in a set pattern and mostly with or own perspectives. We imaging that people will use our iPad apps in particular situations and our target audience is just a group of imaginary people. That means we are totally depending on the assumptions and those assumptions are not tested on the practical ground of reality.


If we are going to investing some more money than usual cases we have to dive deep to know the people who will use the app and we should find out that how we can expand out target audience just adding or modifying some features only. We never try to know that how our iPad app will come into ways of the daily life rituals and capable to add some value in the life of its users to people like it and use it frequently.


There are two ways to get such clues. One is called the 'Persona” means an imaginative person who is befitting the definition of our target audience and carry all characteristics that our target audience have. Another option is to carry frequent gorilla research and testing the outcome of our iPad application development on the real people. In this practice we can select random people who are may belong to our target audience or may not.


Practically creating a combination of both ways is giving perfect results rather than using anyone. When we start designing we have to think about the UI and the elements we place in it. If you think iPad has big real estate and we should take directions in our iPad development that lead us to utilize this real estate maximum is bit wrong at some points because iPad is a touch screen device and it is solely depends on the hand gestures not on mice or keyboard externally.


This very fact indicates that we have to place elements in our iPad application programming such a way that they can be tapped with thumb also so hit areas would be bigger than the visual icons. Therefore, it is imperative to make UIs simple and non cluttered. In due course you can apply many useful techniques like use of contextual menu instead of general menu in your iPad app programming. The same useful technique is use of modal view that gives a clear modes of operation and you can avoid cluttering further.

Conclusion :-

When we have an app idea for iPad app we go for iPad app development assuming that we know everything,but in real ground things are different so we need to take different and logical approached for the iPad app designing.